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With our wide international network we are in an excellent position to provide solutions for any tank related supply request that you can immagine. We supply products and systems to many major industrial end users in our sector and we manage to make the difference also for contractors and colleagues.

We value the relationship with our clients and we will go a long way to find an optimal solution for all your tank needs.

We specialize in products for storage tanks, any appurtenance or instrument you can immagine is withoun our reach.







Walkways and platforms are often a neglected part of dome projects; therefore, we developeda more rigid and stronger walkway system made of aluminium.  Safety for the operators is of extremely high importance for therefore, we have had the new design verified by a third party with FEM software. No other manufacturer can offer a similar design calculation for its aluminium access design.

Compared to standard 48x3mm aluminum tubes, our profiles have 30% higher stiffness and strength. This improved system uses custom designed extrusions for side rails, handrails, and toe boards. These have incorporated bolting channels for connection of the coupling strips. It allows us to make more rigid walkways that do not have the flexing known in pipe and coupling walkways. It also makes the center platform more rigid and easier to install, with the use of replaceable standard aluminum double anti-slip gratings.

Not the least of the advantages is that this construction is more economic to fabricate, as it eliminates the requirement for quite expensive tube couplings, which has a positive effect on the cost.

Our aluminium access systems are also suitable for making lightweight gangways, stairs platformscrossover bridge and many other means of easy access. In most cases they can be installed without crane work and do not require maintenance.

  • Strong
  • Complies to all common safety standards, including offshore guidelines
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

The heart of a flexible pipe system is the swivel. In many tank applications these swivels are submerged in the stored product. As it is not accessible for inspection or repair this service has significantly different demands than products used in the open air. Our submerged swivels are tested and designed for submerged use over a period of at least 20 years without maintenance. Swivels can be supplied in a single type or central type for increased stability in floating suction applications


Our high quality swivel joints can operate at both high and slow rotational movements. Besides the standard submerged swivels for fast-track delivery, we can also provide special types upon request.


Our swivels are used in floating suctions, drain pipe systems, skimmers and other applications that require flexible pipe connections.


Certificates and Safety

All swivels are certified amongst others by TÜV, DNV and VdS and can be delivered with the requested certificates. All swivels materials will be selected and produced based on the specific application so safety will be guaranteed.

Single swivel Features:

  • 2 ball race as standard (1 ball race on request)
  • sizes from DN50 to DN600 (2” to 24”, other sizes on request)
  • different connections possible (welding, thread, flanges)
  • different type assemblies (0º, 90º, 180º (U-type), 270º with 1, 2 or 3 swivels)
  • Maximum pressure 420 bar, maximum temperature 260ºC, not simultaneously

Central type swivel

  • Central type swing joints are constructed in rugged cast iron/ductile iron with plain Ni-Resist bearings (copper free).
  • Available in Steel, coated steel and stainless steel
  • Available in 6″  to 36″ (ANSI 150#) flange diameters.

Especially in climates with high rainfall water can accumulate on the external floating roof. Adequate draining of this rain water is a very important aspect of safe and reliable operation of storage tanks with external floating roofs.

Drain water on external floating roofs may contain sediments and debris, which causes the drains to malfunction. Also the placement of the drains inside the stored product makes the drain design challenging. Our drain solutions take these important aspects into consideration. Our drain systems include the drain pivot system, swivel joint system and drain hose

Drain pivot 

The drain master consists of a reinforced composite hose fitted in a metallic pivoting joint. This is an ideal long-lasting flexible pipe connection for this application. Drain pivot flexible connections can be supplied in 3”, 4” 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”

 Pipe drain systems

Tanks drain systems can only be replaced when the tank is out of service, therefore the consequence of a malfunctioning tank drain is significant. To ensure long service life we have developed a tank drain pipe solution with high quality  swivels. Our drain pipe system is a complete system, including the connections, swivels and the piping required.  Please refer to the swivels leaflet for more information on our Swivels

Drain hoses

Our tank drain hoses are a proven solution for the challenging draining of rain water on external floating roofs, The major advantage of these hoses is its simplicity in design. It has a limited amount of connections and therefore high reliability. To avoid floating the drain hose includes a lead ballast cable and suspension system. The drain hoses is even able to accommodate frozen drain water. All hoses are supplied electrically continuous.


  • Drain pivot
  • Drain swivel
  • Drain hose
  • Ball check valve


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