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Envitech Services is a world leader in comprehensive environmental technology and solutions. With a seamless presence across Europe, the United Arab Emirates, America, and Asia, our mission is to pioneer innovative, sustainable, and cutting-edge environmental services, ensuring the well-being of our planet for generations to come. Committed to excellence, Envitech Services stands at the forefront of environmental stewardship, offering tailored solutions to diverse global clients.

We specialize in environmental solutions with a robust focus on the tank storage industry. Our expertise extends to providing products and consulting services in asset management and emission control. While firmly rooted in tank storage, our vision is to broaden our impact across various industries, including architecture, water storage, bulk storage, and petrochemical.

Beyond our core offerings, Envitech services is dedicated tofacilitating the transition towards achieving our visionary goals. We leverage automation, project management, and knowledge sharing to make a substantial contribution to our shared objective.

Company History

We’re driven by passion to deliver impactful services that shape the future and leave a positive legacy for generations. Our enthusiasm ensures our solutions are effective, sustainable, and contribute meaningfully to a better world.

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Robin Essenius, founder of Envitech Services is a seasoned professional in the tank storage industry, with over two decades of experience in various roles and organizations. 

Here is a brief summary of his previous work experience in this field:

Robin Essenius, BSc ME, MBA, Founder

From 2004 to 2012, Robin played a pivotal role as a leading player of storage tank products. He provided products and services tailored for tank storage facilities. Serving as the adept Manager of the Project Department,
he took charge of overseeing projects, ensuring project safety, and providing sales support.


In 2013, Robin became an esteemed member of the storage tanks
committee at EEMUA, an association dedicated to engineering excellence in the process, power, and energy industries. His significant contributions  helped shape standards and best practices for the design, construction, and operation of storage tanks.

Since 2017, Robin has  assumed the role of COO, overseeing global operations. Robin now steers the company's strategic direction and global team management.


In 2019, Robin founded Envitech Services and joined forces with a market leader of cover products a year after. Now it is known as a worldwide leader in the manufacture and installation of factory-coated metal storage tanks, aluminum domes, and specialty covers. As the Director of Global Business Development, he is at the helm of expanding the company’s presence and market share across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

greatest asset

sustainability through Innovation

Building on the foundation of decades of experience Envitech is an environmental solutions provider with a strong foothold in the tank storage industry. Next to the products for emission redaction, such as  luminium domes and internal floating roofs, our main focus is to provide products and consulting in the area of management and emission control. We aim to expand our reach to other industries, such as petrochemicals, bulk storage and water storage, fully in line with the vision of achieving zero emission.

As your trusted partner, you can face the future with confidence, knowing that your tank storage facility’s assets are in safe hands. Let us be the catalyst for the longevity and success of your tank storage assets. Together, we can navigate the challenges of aging infrastructure and create a robust, zero emission and sustainable foundation for the years ahead.

The founders of Envitech have supplied numerous solutions and provided effective support for the reduction of VOC emission all around the world. Their large installed base of tank sealsaluminium domes and inte


Zero Emission

We’re driven by passion to deliver impactful services that shape the future and leave a positive legacy for generations. Our enthusiasm ensures our solutions are effective, sustainable, and contribute meaningfully to a better world.

Who we are

Meet the Management

At Envitech, inclusivity is not just a value—it’s our strength. Our dedicated team spans the globe, bringing together diverse talents from Singapore, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, and Dubai. Together, we collaborate seamlessly to drive innovation, ensuring a rich tapestry of skills and perspectives.


Robin Essenius

Founder / CEO


Josep Ribal

Senior Manager, Software Engineering Department


Agus Salim

General Manager (Indonesia)


Hastrid Pardi

Product Manager


Jayleene Culcul

Office Manager / Marketing


Elfa Yulianti

Office Secretary (Indonesia)


Sally Nanda

Office Support (Indonesia)

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