Emission Control


The worldwide interest in sustainable entrepreneurship has caused end users to aim for no emission terminals. This ambitious goal offers a challenge for many in our industry. We glad to take this challenge and work with you to achieve this goal. In close cooperation with legislators suppliers and other stakeholders, we are glad to offer services and products that aim to facilitate increased use of sustainable solutions in our industry and successfully complete the challenge.

Achieving this ambitious goal requires an integrated approach, where suppliers and consultants, such as ourselves work closely together with legislators, norm committees, such as EEMUA and API and end users. Our experience in all these institutions makes is possible to provide you with the best possible advice. We can then make the integrated emission control plan that will provide a helicopter view of all the low hanging fruit that can be tackled directly and the long term steps that have to be taken to reach our ambitious goals.

You will be surprised how many quick and efficient steps can be taken without having to directly revert to expensive investments.

Please allow our team to help you in finding the best solution for your emission control challenges


Emission control plans

Effective use of existing emission control measures

Emission monitoring

Inspection and repair plans for existing solutions

Emission calculation

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